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Take Environmental Community Actions During Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves removed from our typical social circles. Here are some ways to make an impact in your community – from a safe distance!

We envision community actions as those that are taken outside the home to encourage environmental awareness and action in areas such as our schools, workplaces, social circles, and business community. And while some of these actions are put on pause as we stay safe and practice social distancing, there are many things we can still do to make an impact in our community. 

Pick up trash on neighborhood or nature walks.

Next time you step outside the home for a neighborhood stroll, consider bringing a bag along with you and collect trash and recycling as you go.* It can be especially helpful to do this on your weekly trash day as garbage can often spill out of sidewalk bins during collection.

*Please follow all recommended safety precautions while doing this, including wearing gloves and a face mask, avoiding touching your face, and maintaining six feet of separation. Wash hands immediately upon returning home.

Upcycled DIY projects.

Use your spare time at home to repurpose old fabric and t-shirts into useful, reusable items like tote bags, handkerchiefs, and cleaning towels. Gift these to friends and family to help encourage them to ditch single-use alternatives. You can also use material from home to make reusable cotton face masks and donate them to an organization in your community. Cotton face masks are important for protecting yourself and others from COVID-19 and allow important PPE like surgical and N95 masks to be saved for our amazing frontline workers. 

Give sustainable businesses some love.

Now is a great time to do some research on sustainable businesses in your community that you might like to support. Whether this is a local, ethically sourced restaurant, a sustainable clothing company, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription box, or a zero waste store, many amazing small businesses can use the extra love. And this doesn’t necessarily mean making a purchase. If funds are tight, consider leaving a positive review online to help spread a good word about the company and encourage others to shop there. 

Host an environment-themed Netflix watch party.

This is a great way to maintain social connection with friends and family while also learning and engaging with environmental issues. Some of our top recommendations on Netflix include Our Planet, Mission Blue, A Plastic Ocean, and Chasing Coral. Watch these documentaries together and host a mini discussion afterwards! Follow this link to set up your own watch party!

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