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Learn More About Our Actions

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It can be overwhelming to understand what roles we play in a problem as complicated as the climate crisis. This toolkit features a collection of recommended actions categorized by level of impact to make it easier. Learn more about our approach of personal, community, and systemic actions.

Personal Actions

Making an impact in our households, our habits, and for ourselves. 

Educating ourselves in order to make informed decisions as consumers, homeowners, and individuals enables us to adopt eco-conscious mindsets and make  adjustments in our lives where appropriate.

Community Actions

Making an impact in our workplaces, our schools, and our circles. 

Promoting awareness and environmentally active cultures in the social circles we participate in on a daily basis and becoming involved in community efforts can magnify the positive environmental action we practice at home.

Systemic Actions

Making an impact in our government, our society, and our world. 

Becoming an engaged constituent by following legislation, communicating with elected officials, and assuming the responsibilities of active, informed voters can secure a pathway to large-scale change.

We recommend taking action in each of these levels in order to thoroughly achieve change. Some actions can be difficult for folks depending on factors like socioeconomic status and living environment, so we are committed to crafting most of our actions to eliminate barriers such as cost and time.

We also believe that creating a collaborative environment where folks can share ideas with us is one of the best ways to strengthen our toolkit! If you want to learn about solutions to an environmental issue you care about, get in touch with us!

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