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Alternate Impact was founded with the acknowledgement that while most people want to help protect our environment, it can be difficult to know where to start.

We are committed to making this toolkit accessible, inclusive, and collaborative in order to empower folks from all walks of life in making a difference. We welcome feedback and are open to collaboration to help us achieve our goals.

Our Mission

Alternate Impact strives to equip people with the tools and resources needed to enact lasting change in our personal lives, communities, and structural systems for the future of our planet.

Our Values


We do our best to comply with ADA web standards. These guidelines help us enhance our web content to be more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. Let us know if we can further improve your user experience.


Socioeconomic status, living environment, and careers are just a few factors that can hinder one's ability to participate in certain actions. So we try to craft many of our recommended actions to exclude barriers like cost and time.


We believe that creating a collaborative environment where folks can share ideas with us is one of the best ways to strengthen our toolkit! Get in touch with us if you'd like to get involved.

Our Team

Well, we're less of a 'team' and more of a duo called Lex and Alison —  just a couple of gals in Seattle who are really passionate about connecting people and healing our planet. 


Cofounder, Creative Director



Cofounder, Research Lead + Editor


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